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Body Fat Burnt By Drinking Coffee

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Want to lose body fat? Drink more coffee?

I have heard from some folks that coffee and tea can help lose some weight, but I was not sure if that was really possible. I decided to see if there was any truth to that rumor. Here’s what I researched and discovered about exercise and coffee. Volunteers for a scientific study were done on men that were healthy, physically active as well as exercised regularly. These guys worked out in the morning or late afternoon and coffee drinkers.

A study was published on those guys that participated in the exercise while caffeinated.

Their research showed that drinking a strong cup of coffee at least thirty minutes or more prior to exercise increases the body’s ability to burn body fat in men. The interesting part about the body fat burn happened at a higher rate in the afternoon than in the morning. Caffeine intake prior or during exercise uses body fat as a energy fuel source to help promote endurance for physical activity such as working out.

Their study discovered that athletes endurance is not that great in the morning compared to later in the afternoon. Logically makes sense because when a person gets up in the morning the body is not as flexible or limber, the body is slightly dehydrated and needs breakfast from sleeping 8 hours or so.

Late afternoon is the optimal time to workout to release the days stress and endurance is greater. The body is at it’s peak for the day in the afternoon from having had time to eat, hydrate, and limber up throughout the day.

Caffeine is known to occur naturally in coffee beans, tea leaves, and cocoa beans.

There are caffeinated foods and drinks on the market, but the caffeine was added therefore; not naturally occurring in these foods and drinks. This study and other similar studies focused on naturally occurring caffeine in coffee, timing of the drinking of the coffee prior to the actual physical work out for the day.

Remember to do everything in moderation.

Per the FDA, they recommend no more than 4 to 5 cups of coffee a day. For some people, that can be too much caffeine. There can be negatives to drinking too much caffeine so don’t over do the drinking of these beverages. I have written about some of the Negatives Of Too Much Caffeine that you may want to read about.

This study done was on a small group of volunteers and still in the early study stages, but the information does look promising.

Always conduct your own research, analyze the information you read, and formulate your own opinions with the data you gather.