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From Coffee Flower To Coffee Cup

Fresh Coffee on the vine

Everyone has seen roasted coffee beans for purchase. Have you seen a coffee bush start to bud with a beautiful coffee flower on a coffee tree? Have you ever wondered how the fresh coffee fruit becomes ground coffee that you purchase? Curious about how much work and time is involved in getting that coffee to your cup? Coffee agriculture is labor and time intensive farming.

Some folks are interested in learning about and traveling to visit coffee plantations. However, the times we are in currently, traveling is just too much of a hassle and can be risky right now. I’ve come across some good videos from Youtube that I decided to share in this article to help coffee curious folks learn more about how coffee is grown and harvested, then processed. Very informative and beautiful scenery.

The videos show how time consuming the process is to get coffee to your coffee maker for your morning brew. Seems that the skill sets needed to grow coffee is a mixture of agricultural farming and a flower nursery. Definitely creates a true appreciation and gratitude of that cup of daily coffee.

This video is very brief and shows gorgeous white lily like flowers in bloom on the branches of a coffee bush.

This video shows some amazing shots of coffee cherries on the bush. Shows each of the steps that has to be done in sequence to get the end result of a cup of coffee. This is not a fast process to get a bag of coffee to take home. Well worth the watch here.

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