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More Good News About Coffee

4 cups of coffee

Scientists Were Shocked

A coffee study was done in Asia on some volunteer participants who were all of Asian descent. The study was intended for other scientific studies on the effects of increased coffee consumption.

An unexpected and unintended piece of information came out of the studies conducted by scientists on coffee drinkers that I found interesting. What is unknown from the study is would the same results occur if all other races were included in the coffee study. Here is what they did in the study. The participants in the study were instructed to increase their coffee consumption to 4 cups of coffee a day over a six month period of time.

The research findings were very intriguing.

The results uncovered was that the consumption of four cups of coffee daily creates a metabolic reaction that increases caloric burn. Another unexpected finding was the people in the study were found to have on average a four percent decrease in body fat that occurred in the coffee drinkers. The fat loss in the coffee drinkers was not the result of any diet or exercise.

Another study that helped validate the above mentioned study backs up the findings. A caffeine study was conducted to determine if caffeine can help people lose weight. Their studies showed a correlation that indicates caffeine does help the body burn more calories. When a body burns more calories, the metabolism increases to produce that energy.

There could be a strong correlation with caffeine intake that may help to suppress appetite.

The studies conducted have evidence that coffee drinkers fill full longer. Caffeine helps suppresses the appetite. The result would be a decrease in the nagging feelings of being hungry which cuts down on the munch time for needless calories that can easily and quickly put on the pounds.

Caffeine is being shown to increase the body’s metabolic rate so more calories are burned up for fuel. This caloric burn was shown to occur while the participants in the study were not physically active. The results of these studies showed that the effects of the caffeine consumed continues to burn body fuel over a period of time. The time frame of the duration of the effects were not disclosed. Don’t confuse drinking coffee and losing weight with lack of exercise as a one size fits all solution. There are many benefits to being physically active in some capacity.

These studies did not mention these items:

If the coffee contained cream and sugar, non dairy coffee creamer, milk, or any artificial sweeteners.

Syrups, flavorings, or plant based types of milk.

I am assume they drank only hot black coffee.

There was no mention of the types of coffee beans used for their coffee. There are 4 different varieties of coffee to take into consideration. Arabica, Robusta, Libericia, and Excelsa. Which coffee was used is important could provide more clues due to acidity levels of the coffee. Some varieties of coffee beans are more acidic naturally than other coffee beans.

Did the caffeine consumption from coffee occur at certain times of the day?

Were the sexes equally represented in this study?

What were their ages?

These studies are great news for people who enjoy their coffee.

I’m certain there will be more studies done on coffee consumption in the future. This article is not to promote four cups of coffee on a daily basis. For some people, that would be too much coffee as well as the effects of caffeine could be felt differently or more intensely than others. Use your judgement.

Here are the links to the sources I used for this article. Feel free to explore these links as well as do your own research to educate yourself and be well informed.

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