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Breaie ®   Probiotic 40 Billion is a blend of 4 strains (40 billion organisms) of Probiotic Bacteria. Our Probiotic supplement is designed to provide a high potency and balance of beneficial intestional bacteria. Taking this product on a regular basis Probiotic-40 can assist in maintaining healthy intestinal flora. This supplement also contains FOS to help with healthy growth of acidophilus and bifidus organisms.

Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) are short and medium chain sugar molecules that your body cannot digest. FOS passes through your stomach and into your intestines where beneficial bacteria (also known as probiotics) and yeast feed on them.  you digest food, cleanse your system, and enhance your immunity.

Meet The Probiotic Ingredients:

  • Lactobacillus acidophilus
    – Acidophilus in naturally found in the intestinal tract and this helps aid in maintaining the intestinal flora.
  • Bifidobacterium Lactis
    – Bifidobacterium is known for its ability to stimulate the body’s immune response and enhance the cellular immunity in the elderly.
  • Lactobcillus Plantarum
    –This is one of the most beneficial bacteria in your body. Lactobcillus plantarum is known for its health benefits in digestive support and supporting healthy cholesterol.
  • Lactobacillus Paracasei
    –known for helping treat diarrhea in infants, helps reduce pollen allergies and some people have reported relief of symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome.


What are Probiotics

Probiotics are live helpful bacteria. Yes, there are good bacteria and bad bacteria in and on the body as well as in the environment. Probiotics are not naturally produced in the adult human body.  Gut bacteria which contains probiotics is formed in the  bodies of children inside the intestines.  There are times when the gut flora is disturbed and becomes out of balance which can create problems.

For example taking antibiotics for an illness can throw the gut bacteria out whack and create diarrhea or other issues.  In order to restore the natural balance in the gut, probiotics  can be found in foods such as yogurt with live active cultures are recommended by some doctors to clear up the stomach issue.

Many cultures eat fermented foods. 

Japan is a country that eats the most of fermented foods while the USA’s diet has eliminated lots of fermented foods that were passed down through the generations.

Fermented foods contain naturally occurring probiotics.  Vegetables, meant fish, dairy, grains, and fruits can all go through a process of making edible fermented  healthy foods.   Here are some examples of foods that are fermented and contain natural probiotics.






Sourdough bread

Some cheeses




Probiotics as whole are designed to help with a range of problems involving the gut from Constipation to diarrhea, and have even been said to help prevent colds or help fight them off.

Studies conducted by the Human Microbiome Research Project shows that eating fermented foods which contain probiotics enhances gut microbes, decreases signs of inflammation in the body.  Other studies show that the lack of existence of microbiome diversity in the gut flora has shown strong links to obesity and diabetes.

Harvard Health articles indicates that scientists have proven that taking supplemental probiotics can help treat diarrhea and potentially decrease constipation.

The key to reaping the benefits of probiotics is to make sure you are taking a product that has actual live organism in the product by the time it reaches you. There are a couple processes to achieve this, one being refrigerator storage of your probiotics. The other and most common is to put enough live probiotics in there that the desired amount will still be in the capsules by the expiration date.

We go through both of these processes to ensure the most quality product for the longest time with a starting amount of 20 billion combination of the above listed probiotics to ensure the highest quality product for our customers.

We strongly recommend that before taking any supplements to consult with your doctor.  If you have any health issues, pregnant, taking any medications, had any allergic reactions, you must consult with your doctor first. 

Our motto on everything we read or hear online or anywhere else, is do this: Question everything, analyze it, and always do your own research to reach your own conclusions to “Be In The Know™” Breaie®

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