Costa Rica Reserve Coffee


The Costa Rica Reserve has a medium taste with flavors that balance perfectly.  The aroma is distinctly Costa Rican coffee.

Costa Rica coffee is grown at higher elevations which means longer growing times for the coffee cherries to ripen.  The Costa Rican coffee is more expensive to grow in their geolocation because of amount of time to maturity,  as well as lower yield of crop that is available.

Each batch that you order is roasted the day of shipment and heat sealed in a special valve bag, to ensure you get the freshest coffee to your door.

Confused on what coffee grind would work for you?  Click this link to an article that explains the different coffee grinds. Different Types Of Coffee Grinds


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Costa Rican coffee beans are grown in high altitude, very fertile volcanic soil with plenty of rainfall in a tropical climate which creates a superior coffee bean. The Costa Rica Reserve Coffee are known as hard beans because these beans are grown in elevations of 3900 feet or more in altitude.  The higher up in altitude the coffee beans are grown creates a unique dense rich flavor of coffee beans for a one of a kind tasting coffee.

The higher elevations also slows the growth of the coffee trees.  The delayed growth and maturation of the coffee cherries creates a unique flavor.  This coffee is single origin coffee meaning all of the beans come from Costa Rica and are not mixed or blended with coffee beans that come from other locations.

This Costa Rica Reserve coffee originates from “micro mills” in Costa Rica with farmers who take their business very seriously about producing quality coffee. Their location as well as their  dedication to their craft invested in their crops yield high quality.  The final product is the Costa Rica Reserve is the top of it’s class in coffee that is available to the world.

The Costa Rica Reserve coffee is a single origin coffee.  Meaning 100% from Costa Rica and no blending with cheaper coffee.  Not sure what single origin coffee is?  Click here: What Is Single Origin Coffee? 


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