Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Coffee


Grown on rolling hills of South West Ethiopia. The single origin Ethiopia Yiragacheffe coffee has gained fame among coffee connoisseurs around the globe. Rated at the best African Arabica coffee in the world.

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Known for its high quality and a flavor that is distinctive that only comes from that region. This coffee has a one of a kind unique scent with a rich smooth taste. This coffee contains complex flavors that only come from exotic single origin coffee beans with a slight hint of fruity flavor.

This coffee has a higher level of acidity than our other coffees.

Roasted at a medium light roast to bring out the best in the Ethiopia Yiragacheffe coffee beans.

We use only 100% gourmet Arabica beans.

Each batch that you order is roasted the day of shipment and heat sealed in a special valve bag, to ensure you get the freshest coffee to your door.

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Let’s get more familiar with this coffee. 

Yirga Cheffee is the area where the coffee is grown and harvested by hand and sorted. These beans thrive in a thick vegetation area with healthy soils and grown at high elevations in Ethiopia. Their weather is a warm tropical climate with mild wet and dry seasons.

An interesting fact, is the way they process their coffee beans. 

They use a different process to prepare their beans after harvest. They use a technique called wet processing which creates a consistent flavor for their coffee.  The Ethiopia Yiragacheffe coffee could be called a specialty product.

Information shows that the wet processing started in Ethiopia.

The wet process begins with placing the hand picked and cleaned coffee beans in giant vats of water immediately after picking. When the beans are clean and well soaked, the beans are then placed on rotating beds for 48 to 72 hours to dry This process allows the beans to dry evenly. The wet process creates the light unique flavors and scents of this coffee.

More interesting facts about the coffee’s home country.

Ethiopia is the world’s fifth largest coffee producer. This country is the largest coffee producer in that location of the world.  Ethiopia grows all of the coffee that Africa consumes.

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