Southern Pecan Flavored Coffee


We are proud of our artisan coffees.  We take the finest 100% Arabic beans and the top of the line pecans sourced from Southern areas of the USA that are locally grown to create a true taste of Southern coffee.  This special regional coffee comes in of course regular and decaf.

Heads up for anyone that has a nut allergy.

****This coffee contains real nut flavoring*****

Confused on what coffee grind would work for you?  Click this link to an article that explains the different coffee grinds. Different Types Of Coffee Grinds   

Each batch that you order is roasted the day of shipment and heat sealed in a special valve bag, to ensure you get the freshest coffee to your door.

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We start with 100% Arabic beans that are roasted to a perfect medium roast.  The pecan flavored extract is hand poured over the warm roasted coffee beans and hand pour the real pecan extract flavoring and  blend to create our classic specialty coffee.

The combination of well balanced flavors of coffee and deep rich somewhat sweet nutty roasted pecan flavor creates an attention grabbing aroma and a memorial cup of coffee that is great for when ever you need a cup of coffee.

Additional information

Regular or Decaf

Regular, Decaf

Bag Size

1 pound, 5 pound

Coffee Grind

Drip Grind, Whole Bean, French Press


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