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Indonesia is one of only five of the largest coffee producing countries in the world.   Their coffee beans are considered premium and are highly valued and sought after.

Sumatra Black Satin coffee beans are considered a dark roast. Dark roasting these beans longer than normal produces a superior full heavy body flavor.  Surprisingly, there is no bitter or burned taste  that can possibly occur  with other dark roasted coffee beans.

An exotic tasting coffee with complex textures. Even if you are not a fan of a dark roasted bean for your coffee consumption, this is a coffee bean that produces a superb cup of coffee that can not be matched by other coffees.  Must try experience for your taste buds.

Each batch that you order is roasted the day of shipment and heat sealed in a special valve bag, to ensure you get the freshest coffee to your door.

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Sumatra black satin coffee is a premium gourmet coffee that is grown exclusively in Sumatra in the jungles of the Indonesian tropical islands.  This specific region of Indonesia is widely known for gourmet coffee production. Hence the term single origin coffee.

Some history on this beautiful breed of coffee bean. The Sumatra Arabic beans that are grown to produce Sumatra Black coffee  was once thought to be lost to history.  Luckily, these seeds were saved, planted, and successfully sprouted coffee bushes deep in the thick jungles of Sumatra.

These Sumatra Arabia beans produce a dark roast coffee that has a unique favorable blend with a heavy full smooth body with a hint of earthy flavor.  A very exotic tasting coffee. The  low acidic levels in this premium coffee is well documented and renowned.

The Sumatra coffee is ranked as one of the top 10 coffees in the world.

The Sumatra black satin coffee is a single origin coffee.  Meaning 100% from of the coffee comes from Sumatra area in Indonesia only and no blending with cheaper coffee.  Not sure what single origin coffee is?  Click here: What Is Single Origin Coffee? 

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