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The Tanzania Peaberry coffee is a single origin coffee.  Meaning 100% from Tanzania and no blending with cheaper coffee.  Not sure what single origin coffee is?  Click here: What Is Single Origin Coffee? 

This gourmet coffee comes from Mount Kilimanjaro.  This renowned mountain has the highest elevation in the world. With the high altitudes, volcanic soils combined with the perfect climate creates a rare great coffee bean.

The Tanzania coffee beans have a light floral aroma and flavor.  A very unique taste which will demonstrate to your taste buds the true gift these Peaberry coffee beans are distinctively from that region of the world.  You will grasp the reasons that coffee connoisseurs globally covet this coffee bean.

A very versatile coffee that is good for any time of the day or night.  Don’t skip this wonderful palate pleasing coffee.

Tanzania Peaberry is a light medium roast with lots of flavor.

We use and sell only 100% gourmet Arabica beans.

Each batch that you order is roasted the day of shipment and heat sealed in a special valve bag, to ensure you get the freshest coffee to your door.

Confused on what coffee grind would work for you?  Click this link to an article that explains the different coffee grinds. Different Types Of Coffee Grinds 


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Tanzania is a country on the African continent in the Eastern area.  The rare  Tanzanian Peaberry coffee beans are grown in the South West area of Tanzania near Kenya.  Tanzania produces tons of coffee beans.  However, the Tanzania Peaberry coffee bean is their number one export and they simply can not keep up with the demand for the specialty single origin Tanzania Peaberry coffee bean.

This region produces a distinctive tasting coffee bean.  The Tanzania Peaberry coffee beans are known to be one of the best coffees in the world.


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1 pound, 5 pound

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Drip Grind, Whole Beans, French Press, Espresso Grind


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