Return / Refund Policy

Breaie appreciates your business. That is why we offer a 30 day money back guarantee of the product price total within our guidelines. Please read the entire policy to get a clear understanding.

Terms of Service


Refund Guidelines

When requesting a product refund or exchange, the product should be unopened and not used. If the product has been opened, then we require 80% of the product be returned to us. See examples below. Once we get the product, we will review the product as well as the request for refund or exchange of your order.

Refund Requirements

Must return 4 pounds

Must return 12 oz.

You must reach out to our customer service email within 15 days of product delivery date to get confirmation of RMA number to return for the refund or exchange of the product to us. Please understand that the cost of shipping to return products is the responsibility of the purchaser along with tracking number.

We must have the product received by us within 30 days of the product delivery. Once we receive the product in house, we will review the request for exchange/ refund for the prior purchase. The cost of shipping will not be refunded.

We recommend that when you purchase shipping to also purchase delivery confirmation of delivery and tracking of your package. Keep copies of your tracking information and email us the tracking number, so we can be on the look out for the package. Please understand that BreaieStore can not be held liable for lost packages returned to us that go missing or delayed in transit.

If you do not return any product that you requested an RMA number for, you will not receive a refund of product, or an exchange, (minus shipping).

*Beyond our control some single origin gourmet coffees could have a 15% restocking fee for The Jamaican Blue Mountain Estate Coffee and the Hawaii Estate Coffee. The restocking fee will be on a case by case basis and the harvesting times at those farms.

Get An RMA Number

If you need to return a product for refund or exchange, please send us an email that we communicated with you for your order to request and RMA number for your return. An RMA number is a number that we generate to be able to recognize your return or exchange. The number is for us to keep accurate records of each order and the associated return or exchange. Makes the process easier for us to process refunds or exchanges. We do not honor any returned product to us that is sent to us without an RMA number issued from us.

Exchanges Of Product

If you are unhappy with any of our products, or you wish to exchange your order for other products of equal value, we can do that for you. We will ship your exchange order after we receive the product back. Also see all of our refund guidelines. You are responsible for all shipping and tracking charges to return the product to us.

All items that are returned will be checked for damages if any and charges will be assessed before a new product is sent out. Breaie is not responsible for damages in shipping.

If you receive damaged product from us in shipping, email us immediately or with in 48 hours of delivery with a picture of the damage and get an RMA number issued. Failure to do so will void your claim.

Shipping Cost

All shipping costs are nonrefundable. Shipping costs are part of the transaction, not the product. We offer free shipping. If you return an item for exchange or refund, we will deduct the cost of shipping the product to you from the refund or exchange of the product price. You are responsible for shipping and tracking costs to return product for refund or exchange as well as any damage incurred on the shipping back to BreaieStore.

Partial Refunds

The cost of shipping is nonrefundable because the delivery service did their job and delivered their product. They do not allow refunds of the shipping and tracking costs to us, so we will not refund shipping costs that were incurred to deliver your order.

Another cost of doing business is the processing fees for payment processing transactions online from our payment provider.

When we refund a payment to you the customer, the fees paid on that transaction will not be refunded to you. Here is why. When a charge is processed, we incur costs from the card networks and payment partners with which we work with. These costs are not refunded to us when the charge is refunded.

This is in line with industry standards and the policies of other leading payments service providers.

If a dispute is lodged with your credit card provider, you agree to split the cost of the dispute fee equally with BreaieStore. This fee will be deducted from product price refund or exchange following our guidelines.