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We Only Ship to 48 USA States Sorry AK and HI

Once we receive your order, within at most 72 hours. We start the process of getting your order ready. We will email you every step of the way to ensure you know where your order is in process. You will receive an email with a tracking number when your coffee is entrusted to the delivery service.

Once we process your order, we roast your coffee beans the day of shipment to ensure that you get the freshest coffee possible with your order. Our coffee is roasted in small batches daily.

Coffee that is purchased in brick and mortar stores or some other roasters have been roasted days to weeks prior and are already prepackaged or vacuum sealed awaiting an order for shipment or waiting to be purchased off the shelf.

At Breaie, we package coffee differently in a unique way for freshness. Here is how:

Most coffees roasters vacuum seal the roasted coffee. Coffee that is freshly roasted releases carbon dioxide gas for up to 48 hours. The roasted coffee has to be be allowed to release the CO2 or degassed prior to packaging. The vacuum sealed bags can expand or explode because the carbon dioxide is trapped in the bags with no way to release the gas. While the freshly roasted coffee beans are releasing their carbon dioxide prior to packaging, these beans are also rapidly losing their freshness.

Our freshly roasted coffee is heat sealed in a valve bag. We can roast your coffee and seal it immediately. Each bag of coffee has a valve on the bag. The valve on the coffee bags allow the carbon dioxide to escape out one way only. No air gets inside the bag of coffee to keep your coffee super fresh.

The valve allows your coffee to have an extended shelf life and maintain the fresh from the roaster quality.

We Use Fed Ex Ground Shipping

We only currently ship in the contiguous United States. Sorry Alaska and Hawaii

Breaie makes every effort to ensure your order is processed in a rapid fashion. There is only so much we can do on our end. Once your package is in the couriers hands, the shipping service is now in control of delivering your package to you. Delivery times maybe delayed due to a “virus”, weather conditions, high volumes during peak seasons, or some other unforeseen issue beyond the control of the delivery service company.

We will email you when your package goes out so that you have a tracking number to keep up with your shipment.