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Different Types Of Coffee Grinds

Whole Coffee Beans

Which Grind Is Right For You?

Here are some simple explanations for the terms we use here at BreaieStore to describe the types of grinds we offer. All of our grinds start out with whole roasted coffee beans.

Drip Grind

Drip grind is a fine or very find grind of coffee beans that is even in texture. Normally used for the standard drip coffee makers because this the easiest way to make coffee. Drip grind coffee is usually prepared in coffee makers that use paper or metal filters. The brew drips through the drip grind and flows through to the serving pot of coffee.

Whole Coffee Beans

Whole coffee beans are coffee beans that have not been ground. The grinding of the coffee beans are done by the purchaser. Whole bean coffee holds its’ freshness longer as well as create a fresh cup of coffee. Whole beans store well over time and retain their flavor for when needed for use.

Grinding the coffee beans are usually done moments before brewing coffee to obtain a complex and fresh coffee. Depending on type of coffee bean grinder you have as well as type of coffee you want to brew, there are many options for making artisan coffee at home or the office with whole coffee beans.

Espresso Grind

Espresso Grind is very finely ground coffee beans. The coffee grind looks like chocolate powdered sugar or very fine beach sand. Espresso is a small shot of highly concentrated coffee. Espresso coffee is made by forcing high pressure very hot water through the finely ground coffee beans. The espresso grind must be consistent to get the right espresso coffee.

French Press

French press ground coffee beans are a coarse even grind which looks similar to sea salt. Coffee lovers often use French Press for percolators which uses a higher temperature to brew coffee while also cycles the brew many times.

French press grind does not work well with a finer grind bean because a finer grind needs less time with the water. The coarser the grind the more time the beans will need to brew to get the right taste.

There is also a coffee maker called a French press that uses the French press ground coffee beans that makes small batch coffee that is famous for producing strong coffee with a different technique that does not scald the coffee. This coffee brewing process brings out the flavors of the coffee in this unique procedure.