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What Is Single Origin Coffee?

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Single origin coffee is coffee that is grown in one known geographic area. This geographic area can be an entire country, a region of a country, or one variety of coffee that is planted on a small farm within that specific area.

Another characteristic of single origin coffee is these beans are not mixed with other coffees from other areas to create a blended coffee. The single origin coffee remains pure unadulterated coffee in its’ original form and not mixed with other coffee to create a blend.

The taste distinction of single origin coffee tends to have a unique exotic taste with a flavor that is more bold and robust compared to a blended coffee. Therefore, single origin coffee is of a higher quality coffee.

The growing process of single origin is also a distinction to consider. Single origin coffee is grown within a single known geographical area, some single origin coffees are specifically grown on small farms. Single origin grown coffee developed by geo specific growth retains a unique flavor and character of that location the coffee is grown in.

Rain levels, elevation, growing conditions, maturation of the coffee beans which are actually a fruit all contribute to a very unique single origin coffee.

After harvest, the right processing of the coffee beans, storing, and roasting of the beans help identify the specific area of where the coffee was grown.

All of these specific to a geo location specific growing area gives the special single origin coffee an exclusive advantage as a prized coffee bean for uniqueness as a one of flavor that is difficult to duplicate.

The beautiful coffee beans growing on the bush is a photo contributed by  Fadhil Asqar on Pixabay.