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What You Need To Know About K Cups.

Pod Coffee Machine

I’ve had some customers ask me about when I will be selling my coffee in K cups or also known as coffee pods. I’ve been vague about my reasons for why I don’t offer that type of coffee on my store. I only sell bagged coffee. I’ve had some knowledge about the dangers of heating up plastic that holds food and or drinks, but I did not have anything to really back up what I know until I recently did some online research on this subject. This researched information I’m sharing is about the K cups for coffee.

In case there is any confusion what K cups or coffee pods are, let me explain.

These plastic pods contain coffee for single brew coffee makers. Fantastic, quick, convenient low mess for a cup of coffee.

Recent information on the latest research is turning up the potential health issues of the use of K cups or pods for coffee drinkers. Coffee brewed from K cup machines may contain estrogen chemicals migrate out from plastics.

Here is how these estrogen like chemicals get into your coffee occurs.

The brewing process of K cups with high temperature water to brew coffee through plastic K cups for a tasty coffee extraction creates the release these estrogen chemicals that imitate estrogen. The estrogenic chemicals could possibly interfere or disrupt the endocrine system of the human body.

Here are some potential solutions to this problem.

Should you be concerned about this new found issue, the solution to this issue is to get the stainless steel pods for the K cup coffee makers. The downside is you would need to pack the stainless steel pods yourself to brew a single serving coffee. Actually this process is no different than making an espresso with the stainless steel handle that holds the coffee. The other option is to brew coffee in regular coffee makers.

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